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Pool Table Size Guide: What Is the Standard Size of a Pool Table?

Updated: Jun 4

Thinking about buying a pool table? One key thing to think about is its size and pool table lengths. Pool tables come in different sizes, and what you pick might depend on how you like to play. But before you decide, it's important to know the size of your playing area – that's where your pool table will go.

The dimensions of a regulation pool table is typically 4.5ft x 9ft, and it's often the go-to choice even for casual players. However, if you're eyeing the same size as those seen in TV tournaments, consider if your space can accommodate it. In this blog, we'll explore the different pool table sizes available, discuss the pros and cons of each size, and provide guidance on choosing the right pool table size for your space and playing preferences.

Different Pool Table Sizes

When people look for a pool table for their homes, they often search for a standard size, typically between six and nine feet long. However, they might not realize that the tables they choose are usually called "regulation pool table sizes," which can be confusing.

So, let us make a distinction between the two

Dimensions of a regulation pool table

Pool tables are designed with a specific length-to-width ratio to ensure fair play. This ratio, known as 2:1, means the table is twice as long as wide. For a table to be regulation size, it must adhere to this ratio. So, a table that is 44 inches wide should be 88 inches long to meet the regulation standards. This ensures consistency and accuracy in gameplay, whether it's for home use or commercial venues.

What is Standard Pool Table Size?

What is Standard Pool Table Size?

A typical pool table for homes is usually 8 feet long and 4 feet wide, with a playing surface of 88 inches by 44 inches. Standard sizes offer flexibility, as they can be adjusted to fit smaller spaces or customized to your specifications, making them a practical choice for those with limited room.

In addition to regulation and standard sizes, there are various other dimensions of pool table available, such as:

What is Oversized Pool Tables size?

What is Oversized Pool Tables size?

These tables are known as "pro-8" or oversized eight-pool tables. They feature a playing surface of 46 inches by 92 inches and a length of 8.5 feet. While less common for home use, they are utilized in some amateur and professional leagues and can be customized for residential game rooms.

What is Standard Tournament Sizes?

What is Standard Tournament Sizes?

For those aspiring to become professional players, the goal is often to stick with tournament-size tables. These tables measure nine feet long, adhering to the standard regulation size. With a width of 4.5 feet, they maintain a 2:1 ratio. The height may vary slightly, typically falling between 29.25 inches and 31 inches, but tournaments are consistently held on tables of this size. Additionally, tournament-size tables require at least one-inch thick slates and rail widths ranging from 4 to 7.5 inches.

What is Pub Pool Table Sizes?

What is Pub Pool Table Sizes?

Bar-sized pool tables are typically 7 feet long and are commonly found in pubs or bars. They are easily identifiable as they are coin-operated and designed for casual play. A pool bar table size is typically two feet shorter than tournament and regulation sizes, making them less suitable for professional-level players. However, if you're a casual player looking for entertainment, a bar-sized pool table could be an excellent choice for your space.


Playing on a pool table different from the standard size, even if it's just for a few months regularly, can make adjusting to a regulation-sized table challenging. The measurements must be corrected, which could affect your gameplay experience. However, these more affordable options might be suitable if you only seek a pool table for occasional use or social gatherings. Consider the room size and pool table lengths before buying to ensure a good fit.

Room Size vs Pool Table Size

Deciding on the right pool table size may seem daunting, but it's a straightforward process that involves a few steps to ensure you make the best choice:

Assess Your Room's Dimensions

Before selecting the size of the pool table, it's essential to assess the size of your room. Rather than focusing solely on the table's dimensions, understanding your room's layout and available space is crucial. Consider factors like how much room you need to move around comfortably, including space for your shooting stance. It's also essential to account for other players who may share the room with you.

Ensure ample space for everyone to lean down and take their shots without feeling cramped—additionally, factor in storage space for accessories like cue racks and scoreboards. By considering your room's size and layout, you can make an informed decision about the type and size of pool table that will best suit your space and playing experience.

How to Choose the Pool Table

A typical pool stable is six to nine feet long. A regulation-sized pool table should have a length-to-width ratio of 2:1, with tournament-size tables measuring 9 feet long and 4.5 feet wide.

Remember Your Pool Cues

When choosing pool table lengths, it's essential to consider the size of the cue stick. Many tables come with medium-length cues, typically 48 inches (122cm) long, suitable for most players, including adults and children. However, taller players may prefer a 57-inch cue (145cm) or a full-sized cue for better performance. There are also options like a 54-inch cue (137cm) available.

Regardless of the cue length, ensure enough space around the table to make shots comfortably from all angles. For instance, if using a 57-inch cue, provide ample room so the stick doesn't hit the wall while making shots from any side of the table.

Here's a simple way to figure out the space you need for your pool table

  1. Multiply your cue length by two. For instance, if your cue is 122cm long, you'll need 244cm of space.

  2. Find out the total width of the playfield. A 7ft pool table typically has a playfield width of 91cm, while American pool tables are about 100cm wide. Measure from the inside edges of the cushions.

  3. Add the total playfield width to the total cue length to get the minimum room width required for your table. Using our example, that's 244cm + 91cm = 335cm.

  4. Repeat the process, but measure the play surface length from cushion to cushion. For a 7ft table, the playfield length is usually 183cm.

  5. Add the 244cm for the doubled cue length to get 427cm.

  6. These dimensions represent your room's minimum width and length for your chosen table and cue size.


We advise leaving about 4 feet (1.22 meters) of space around your pool table for easy movement. However, aim for 5 feet (1.52 meters) of space around the table for optimal comfort. At Maximilliano Gameroom, we specialize in helping you choose the right pool table size for your room. Our wide selection of pool tables and customization options allows us to create the perfect table to fit your game room. Visit us today to get your ideal pool table!


Author: Maria Azalea

Author: Maria Azalea

Maria Azalea is the Founder and CEO of Maximilliano Gameroom, an online platform dedicated to providing high-quality pool tables and exceptional customer service. With a commitment to continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, humility, innovation, and integrity, Maria leads her team with a clear vision. Her goal is to establish Maximilliano Gameroom as one of the nation's premier billiard companies, recognized for its outstanding products and customer support. Maria's drive to enhance the customer experience and improve satisfaction fuels her passion for excellence in the industry.


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